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8 October
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learning to leave a paper trail distro is a zine distro specializing in radical d.i.y. personal & political zines about sex work, parenting, bikes, travel, history, personal narratives, reproductive health, feminism, mental health, punk, etc. visit the website to see what i carry, & for information on placing an order or getting your zine carried. i focus on independently published zines--no magazines, no mainstream books, no multi-media extravanganzas, etc. i am working on expanding into carrying some hand-made some crafts: blank books, 1" pins, t-shirts, etc. but for now i am pretty narrowly-focused on zines & i have over 150 titles to choose from.

a distro is a service that acts as a middle-person between the creator of the zine & people interested in reading the zine. my distro is non-profit. all the money i make goes back into the operation of the distro, which i operate alone. i don't consider it a "business," in the traditional sense, even though i take seriously the fact that people are trusting me with their money, & i don't consider the people who order to be my "customers". i try to operate on an anarchist-inspired, community service model, even when dealing with the necessary evil of money/commerce.

this journal serves the purpose of keeping track of orders coming in, orders going out, new items coming into stock, & items going out of stock, new descriptions & interviews with zinesters, as well as distro-related news & events. very occasionally i post friends-only entries about my thoughts on running the distro, or participating in the zine community.

if you are looking for my personal, friends-locked LJ, it's at http://ciaraxyerra.livejournal.com. comment to be added, but i don't add everyone over there. oh, & i make the zines "up the logic punks!" (logic puzzles about zines, anarchism, & punk rock), & "love letters to monsters" (personal zine about mental health, reproductive justice, zines, writing, growing up, anarchism, etc). & i used to write the zine "a renegade's handbook to love & sabotage," if you are on old-time zinester who remembers such relics of the past.
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